Last evening I watched this entire video on vaccines.  It saddened me to the point of a restless night sleep.

As parents, what we don’t know can hurt us, our babies, children and as we grow older being told flu shots will help prevent the flu.  We make conscious decisions to do something the medical profession recommends is in our best interest…..and we trust them.  We trust them because we think they are more knowledgeable and have gifts to share that we just don’t understand that will prevent us from getting sick and keep us well. They do when it comes to emergency medicine among other things.  But when it comes to preventative medicine or disease treatment, Mother Nature knows best.  

PLEASE understand this. When a doctor wants to put anything pharmaceutical into your body, or the body of one of your children or loved ones when they are already healthy…..ASK WHY,  ASK WHAT IS IN IT,  ASK WHY ARE THESE INGREDIENTS IN IT,  ASK HOW CAN MERCURY, ALUMINUM ALONG WITH OTHER TOXIC ELEMENTS BE PUT INTO A HUMAN BEING AND NOT HAVE SHORT OR LONG TERM SIDE EFFECTS THAT MAY NOT SHOW THEMSELVES FOR YEARS.

Then do your own research to confirm whatever decision you make is the one with the consequences you wish to live with. Mother Nature, on her own, can heal just about EVERYTHING. Your immune system, if strong, can support you.  Keep it strong by eating a healthy plant based diet.

The makers of these vaccines have been exonerated and given immunity from any possible law suit that could arise from the vaccines negative side effects and from watching this video, there are plenty.  Seizures, autism, ADD, and other negative reactions are just some of the conditions your babies and children may suffer after receiving a vaccine and these conditions can effect their entire life.   Absolved of all wrong doing?  Really?

One has to ask simply….why?

In April I was in Branson, MO speaking at the Live Happy, Be Pure Organic Festival and met a number of incredible people.  One, Mary Tocco, was the speaker on vaccines.  She had all her facts and figures backed up with research and references.   I would be blogging all day to cover all the shocking details and destructive effects I was unaware of regarding the efficacy of vaccinations.

I would love to hear your feedback.

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow isn’t here yet so, you guessed it.

Today is THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!!  Hope you have a great one!