I just received a call from a friend of mine who had a lump in her breast.  This was the second time for her.  While she was at work she received a voice mail message from one of her doctors who offered surgery as one of her options….on a voice mail.  Imagine receiving that type of information in a voice mail phone call about having surgery to remove a tumor in your breast or perhaps the entire breast?  Just lop it off because it was surely the breast that caused you to get cancer, wasn’t it?

We have to stop and ask ourselves, as our doctors should, what is the underlying cause of this dis-ease to take hold and cause a body part to malfunction.  Our immune system is calling out loud and clear, LISTEN TO ME!  I NEED HELP!  If our immune system is strong enough dis-ease could not develop.

Many diseases and cancers are now more prevalent than ever and the health care industry can not keep up with compassionately caring for people.  A friend of mine recently told me that if a doctor spends more then seven minutes with a patient, that doctor is losing money.  Seven minutes…..really?

That said, we need to be better caretakers of our own bodies.  We can not continue to put processed and fried foods, soda and diet drinks, alcohol and drugs into our bodies and expect them to serve us long without breaking down.

A predominantly raw food plant based diet is key in restoring your immune system and your overall health.

A very relevant story is that by Dr. Lorraine Day who is an alternative breast cancer survivor and a surgeon.  She adopted a plant based diet, modified her lifestyle and refused chemo, radiation and surgery much to the dismay of her fellow doctors.  That was many years ago and she is still alive and well, now in her 70’s.  She is an example to many that you can change your diet and save your life.

Thousands of people have used, recovered and cured themselves of stage IV cancers and other diseases using a predominantly plant based diet.  It can be done and will be practiced more and more as the general population becomes blissfully aware they have the power within themselves to save themselves.

In spite of all that we still have to send everyone love and healing light.  We can appreciate and be grateful for all our challenges because from them we grow, and without growth, well, we just exist.  I love growth!!  Bring it on, bring it on.