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Listen to this pre-recorded conference call and see how one naturopathic doctor, Dr. Marcie Troyer, a type 1 diabetic, is turning her brown eyes….. blue…..back to her natural BLUE color.



Monday, October 26, 2015 from 7-8 pm EST

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Join us for this informative conference call with Patricia Davis.  Ms. Davis will be discussing the toxicity of our clothing.  Patricia has started a movement across the United States called “Consumers Against Toxic Apparel”.  She will share with us how and why we should be looking for clean, safe, organic and toxic free apparel.

Patricia Davis is a professional dressmaker and fashion designer. She is the Owner of Silver Needle & Thread Custom Sewn Clothing, Silver T-Models, Tag Custom Bridal and The Jacksonville Organic Business Directory. Patricia is also the Creator of CATA “Consumers Against Toxic Apparel,” the first movement of its kind in the United States. She is also a member of the PVI (Pure Integrity Verified Seal) team and serves as the Textile Verifier/Researcher awarding companies who meet the strict guidelines seal approval. She is a champion for organic fibre, apparel and the slow fashion movement. Clean, safe, organic and toxic chemical free products are her main focus, validating her commitment to the use of sustainable raw materials for fashion.



September 28, 2015     7pm, EST.

Tune in tonight for a free live conference call.  I will be interviewing Traci Brosman who is the co-founder of World Wellness Education. Traci will share her healing journey and how supplements helped her along the way.

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Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyne, Jr. M.D. author of Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease On behalf of  World Wellness Education I will be hosting a conference call with Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyne.  Dr. Esselstyne was a surgeon, clinician and researcher at the Cleveland Clinic for more than 35 years and is the author of Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. His book discusses his 20 year study on the Revolutionary, Scientifically Proven, Nutrition-Based CURE for heart disease. This will be a live conference call with him. Join in to hear him discuss the stories of his patients who after multiple surgeries, stints, drug therapy and other invasive measures, cured their heart disease under Dr. Esselstyne’s care and a plant-based diet. A LIVE Q & A will follow. No Fee, It’s FREE! Monday, August 24, 2015 7-8 pm Eastern Time Call in #712-432-0075 Participant Code = 235356# If you can’t listen in on Monday August 24th go to World Wellness Education – Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Conference Call to register and a recording of the call will be sent to your e-mail address at the end of the call. (Registration is free.)



PROSTATE CANCER – No Way! Using alternatives this man kicked cancers butt!!!

FREE Conference Call – World Wellness Education Monday February 23rd 7pm – 8pm Call in # 712-432-0075 Access Code – 235356# On behalf of World Wellness Education I will be hosting a conference call with Steve Wydeveld. Steve was diagnosed with prostate cancer and in just over two years he completely reversed the cancer with diet and lifestyle. Don’t miss hearing how Steve accomplished this feat, it may save your life or the life of a loved one. Steve is the author of “Taming the Shrew, My Journey from Cancer Diagnosis to Vibrant Health”. Steve did the “unthinkable” by choosing a path of holistic healing rather than succumbing to surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, drugs, or hormone replacement. He was diagnosed with a moderate to aggressive prostate cancer located in the lower left quadrant of the prostate. He initially was scheduled for prostatic removal, but, after a “nirvana moment” in his life, he canceled the surgery and chose to heal his body naturally, the way God meant it to be. After all, he gave himself the cancer he can heal himself of cancer. Through his membership with World Wellness Education he met many people who had healed themselves naturally and after his conversation with one member, Allan, he chose the path described in his book. He cleansed and detoxified his body of heavy metals, eating a plant based diet to help alkalize his body, and juicing vegetables and wheatgrass. To assist the oxygenation of his body he started an exercise program; one hour per day six days a week. He grounded his body by using various methods and healed his mind and spirit. Alternate healing is a powerful way to heal the body, mind and spirit. He is stronger, has more energy and feel better than when he was twenty. He did it and you can too. BUSY ON MONDAY? Go to World Wellness Education, register for free and receive a FREE recording of the conference call if you can’t listen in.


Anti Aging – Monthly Conference Call Linda Christina Beauregard is a board member of World Wellness Education and hosts a monthly conference call where listeners can tune in and hear a personal health success story or learn about some aspect of health not generally discussed at your doctor’s office visit. Our guests span the spectrum of health and wellness and it is the mission of World Wellness to educate and make a difference….one story at a time! Tune in at 7pm on the 4thMonday of each month (except for December, no call due to holidays) to hear a new guest each month share their visions to health and wellness. You can ask questions directly of the guest during the last 15 minutes of the one-hour program. A free recording of each conference call is e-mailed to those who register at There is no fee to register or for the call. However, you can’t ask questions when listening to a recording! Mark your calendars for the 4th Monday of each month at 7pm to hear more about your ability to achieve……….CHRONIC HEALTH! Our November guest will be Deborah Waddell who is an acupuncturist.  She will discuss her own journey from congestive heart failure, or so it was thought, to an amazing state of health. She will also share her insights on Anti-Aging…..from the inside out. Do not miss this one! Next program is Monday, November 24th.       Call in at about 6:58pm. Program starts promptly at 7pm. Call in number is…712-432-0075 Participant Code is….235356#   CURE CANCER?  You Bet! NO CHEMO OR RADIATION?  Ask a SURVIVOR how she did it! Linda Christina Beauregard, author of I Gave Myself Cancer, I Can Take It Away! Alternatives Brought Me Back To Life, cured breast cancer using a non-pharmaceutical approach.  Yes, PLANTS ARE POWERFUL along with other alternative therapies and can restore your health faster than chemotherapy, radiation or other traditional invasive options without compromising side effects. She will discuss how she did it, followed by Q & A and a raw food or juice sample. This forum is for people who wish to learn more about alternative therapies and how they may be integrated into their daily lives to prevent or reverse dis-ease.  This is also a place where people already on the path of alternative healing can come for encouragement and support from like-minded people. Date – Monday November 17th Time – 5:30 to 7pm Location – Fleischmann Park, 1600 Fleischmann Blvd, Naples, FL or  phone 239-213-3020 for directions The cost will be $15.00 A raw food or juice sample will be served. Books available for $20, or electronic version at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.


Cure cancer? Yup! Ask a survivor how she did it without chemo or radiation.

Monday, Nov 17, 2014, 5:30 PM

Fleischmann Park
1600 Fleischmann Park Blvd. Naples , FL

8 Naples Alternative Health Suppor Went

This a rescheduled event from October.Linda Christina Beauregard, group facilitator, and author of I Gave Myself Cancer, I Can Take It Away! Alternatives Brought Me Back To Life,  cured breast cancer using a non-pharmaceutical approach.  Yes, PLANTS ARE POWERFUL along with other alternative therapies and can restore your health faster than chemoth…

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World Wellness Education Monthly Conference Call Monday October 27th, 2014 – MARK YOUR CALENDAR!!! Next guest – Theresa Pierce A life time of chronic ear infections & colds, sinusitis, antibiotics, bowel issues involving constipation, insulin resistant hyper glycaemia, leaky gut syndrome, gluten intolerance……..Oh My!! Tune in to see how Theresa educated herself and applied a nutritional, mental, spiritual and physical change in her lifestyle and reversed the onset of life-threatening dis-eases. Monday October 27th at 7pm Eastern, 6pm Central, 5pm Mountain and 4pm Pacific Call in number is 712-432-0075 Participant Code is 235356# Hope you all can make it and hear this woman’s exciting recovery story!!!



September 22, 2014 – MARK YOUR CALENDAR !!! I will be interviewing an AWESOME LADY, Angela Young, who used just ONE THING to recover from CHRONIC PAIN DISORDER, FIBROMYALGIA and a host of other diagnosed diseases. At 43 she was taking 25 prescription medications every day and was required to move into a senior citizen home unable to care for herself.

Tune in to listen to her incredible story of restored health after being told she would only have a few years to live and be confined to a wheel chair, a shower chair and a commode. That was about 11 years ago and now she is healthy and more vibrant than ever. Monday September 22nd at 7pm Eastern, 6pm Central, 5pm Mountain and 4pm Pacific Call in number is 712-432-0075 Participant Code is 235356# Hope you all can make it and hear this woman’s exciting recovery story!!! There are a number of twists along the way, you won’t want to miss this call! World Wellness Education Alternative Health Support Group

For those using a non-pharmaceutical approach to wellness who desire to share their direction, experiences, story and receive support from others who are on the same journey.  Click on the link below to see the next meeting date, time and location.


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