I Gave Myself Cancer, I Can Take It Away! Alternatives Brought Me Back To Life

I am bold, brave and daring. I did the unthinkable. I went against traditional medical wisdom and came out a huge winner. I went against the grain of conventional surgery, radiation, chemo and other drug therapy, to embark upon a journey that transformed my life. This story is sometimes humorously conversational and details a journey that everyone who wants health without pills, potions, or sickening side effects needs to hear.

The cures are here for cancer and every other type of immune system-related disease. The answers are in alternative medicine, and I’m just one of thousands who defeated cancer using unconventional means.

It’s easy to regain your health without compromising consequences. The real question is, are you ready for it? Are you ready to take back responsibility for your own health and put it where it belongs, in your hands?


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“You did a great job of speaking at Eating In The Raw.  You also did a gread job of handling the negativity several times from an attendee.
I was emotionally DEAD before we moved to Florida.  You and pickleball have helped me to become alive again….   Linda, I am so thankful you have come into my life.  You have definitely been a teacher to me in my journey.  Looking back, it is so interesting to see the plan God weaves.”
Velda V

“Thank YOU!    Dear Linda,  Thank YOU,   Every year when I am over stressed  and over worked I come down with a cold sore on my lip.  It takes 10 days to go away and it is a very low part of my normally high life.     Then I bought your book (you talked at the Villages, FL last year).   I came down with a cold sore on my lip  three days ago and on the way to the drug store I remembered something you wrote on the subject,   found it on  page 75 and guess what… the problem was GONE in 24 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Thank you Thank  you  Thank you.   Thank you again Linda for your book, I’ve read it three times!”
JF , the Villages, FL

“This book is a must read for anyone who has cancer, knows someone with cancer, or who would like to avoid cancer or any disease!”
Jean Sumner

Author of Journey to Raw: 52 Weekly Changes to add more raw food to your diet and co-founder of World Wellness Education

“A bible for healthy self-wellness. Heartfelt, sincere, intimate, straightforward, and educational!”
Frederic Delarue

Music composer and Author of Eyes of Your Heart: Create a New Life Through the Eyes of Your Heart

“An alternative view of alternative medicine, I Gave Myself Cancer provides much food for thought in the important field of holistic self-healing.”
Suzanne Giesemann

Author of Messages of Hope