I watched this in awe.  Not because I was unaware of the underlying premise of the drug/doctor connection but because this was a program broadcast by a national mainstream news channel, CBS, and the information it disclosed to it’s viewers. 

The world is waking up regarding the billions of dollars spent by drug companies to research new ways to treat disease and yet the benefit to the consumer, the patient, in this particular situation is not that great….42 days.  No one can put a price on the life of a loved one, except the patient and their family, however a new term, financial toxicity and resulting bankruptcies are in fact a side effect of the high cost of cancer drugs.

Please watch these short videos and be an informed patient/consumer.

And don’t forget to consider the real healing options called alternatives.  I just watched a video on the Northern Baja Healing Center which focuses on the Gerson Therapy.  Video at the end of this post.

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And the following:

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