Linda Christina Beauregard Biography


Linda grew up in the historic Southwest Vermont town of Bennington, VT.  She spent most of her adult life as a wife and mother in Albany, New York while working twenty-one years as a legal administrator for a lobbying firm.  She left that career to follow another passion, travel, and opened her own travel agency which she still operates on a part time basis in Naples, FL.

Linda cured breast cancer with four simple, non-toxic steps: a raw plant based diet, deep tissue detoxification and emotional and mental lifestyle changes which created a new woman inside and out.  She believes these modifications repaired and revived her physical, mental and emotional bodies and now knows that alternatives are more powerful and less invasive than surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.

She went outside the norm of traditional treatments to embark upon a journey that changed her life.  She hopes her story will encourage and inspire you to investigate alternative options before making your final choice of treatments in the event you or someone you know is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease of any kind, not just cancer.

Linda intends to share her journey so you can avoid harsh, chemical, traditional medical treatments and learn about your own innate power.  When given the right set of tools, you can create an absolute and complete healing.  She wants you to be aware that you have other choices that mainstream medicine may not offer.

Linda is a trained iridologist, a regenerative detoxification specialist, certified in several therapeutic energy practices, a certified past life counselor, practices sound healing with seven quartz crystal singing pyramids and a quartz crystal lyre (harp), provides Young Living Raindrop Technique essential oil treatments, owns a John of God Quartz Crystal Healing Bed and is a non-denominational reverend.

Since her diagnosis in 2005 she has been on an unending journey of studying and learning alternative health options so she can provide what she believes is the truth about health and healing.  She is passionate about speaking and teaching the importance of eating a raw plant based high fruit diet, avoiding a toxic lifestyle and how you can escape and overcome, so called diseases, using alternatives and practicing a fruitarian/vegan, peaceful, loving lifestyle.

Linda has been a guest speaker at many women’s events, health clubs, Rotary, Kiwanis, Chamber of Commerce functions, organic conferences and a guest lecturer for Princess Cruises.  Her story has appeared in newspaper articles, journals and on television and radio.  Linda will travel anywhere to share her recovery story, promote a different healthy lifestyle and encourage people to think and look outside the box for their healthcare needs. Linda intends to live a very long life, targeting 115 years young, while experiencing amazing health, incredible energy, and immense joy, love and happiness.  She hopes you will too!