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Detoxification Consulting Services

Need to talk with someone who’s  “been there and done that”, you’ve come to the right place!  In person  or phone, Skype or Face Time consultations will give you the support you need to get and keep you on track.

Detoxification is a serious matter and should not be taken or gone into lightly.  Detoxification is more than just a two or three day weekend event, a simple liver/gallbladder flush, a kidney flush or a bowel cleansing.  It is all of these and more to be applied at the appropriate time and not rushed through.  We absorb toxins of all kinds through many different absorptive and digestive ways and those toxins can become part of our very core, quite literally perhaps even down to our bone marrow.  Toxic build up ultimately results in a sluggish body that becomes unhealthy and possibly even diseased.   Healing crises can occur and most often do during detoxification and should be celebrated, yes, celebrated!  Healing crises are a sign that your body is releasing toxic waste that has been building up and accumulating for possibly years.

If you have lost your health, chances are you will benefit from a longer term regenerative detoxification experience.  I am a trained detoxification specialist who will help you through toxin elimination and tissue regeneration using protocols that are designed just for you. Checkout out Phoenix Rising Brochure.



Iridology Analysis

Iridology is the art and science of analyzing the color and structure of the iris to determine tissue integrity throughout the body, thereby gaining valuable health information regarding strengths and weaknesses.  A report of findings, recommendations for changes to diet and herbal protocol suggestions are part of this consultation.  If you are not a local resident, you can obtain eye photos (I will show you how via YouTube videos), send them to me via e-mail, and I can create your report and e-mail you the results.    We can then connect via phone, Skype or Face Time to discuss.

Do you have BROWN or BLUE eyes?  There are only two true eye colors.
Dr. Morse Left Eye April 2015


John of God Crystal Bed Therapy - 45 or 60 minute sessions

John of God approved quartz crystal healing bed is connected with the energies of the Casa de Dom Inacio, including John of God himself, and the spirit healing Casa entities in Brazil. This therapy initiates a 50/50 partnership between the energetic forces of the crystal therapy and healing entities, and the clients own individual personal spiritual work. The Crystal Bed has seven (7) water clear, highly polished Vogel cut quartz crystals suspended approximately 12 inches above the client lying on a massage table. Each crystal has been cut to a specific frequency and is aligned above one of the seven major energy centers or chakras of the body. Colored lasers, which match the frequency of the chakra colors, radiate light and energy through the crystals to each chakra system, clearing, balancing, and aligning the energy of each center. Sound therapy (meditative music from the Casa in Brazil) is added by provided Bose noise cancelling headphones for a deeper connection.

Leave feeling: 

  • More energized with clarity of thought and a greater ability to focus.
  • Deeply relaxed and connected to the earth and universe.
  • Deeper spiritual understanding of yourself.
  • More at peace within yourself.
  • Intuitively clearer on your path; and how best to deal with disease or problems Greater mind, body, spirit connection-

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Past Life Regression Counseling

Past Life sessions can help you gain an understanding of why you are in a particular place (emotionally, mentally, spiritually or physically), in this time and space and can assist you in moving forward.

Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising is a customized regenerative detoxification immersion service that may include live in services for any length of time we decide is just right and perfect for you.  This is an all-inclusive approach and a one on one support system that addresses not just the physical (diet, exercise, food combining, etc.), but also the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies that could be at the heart of your illness.  Click this link to see more details.Phoenix Rising Brochure.  Call to discuss your customized program.

Pure Bliss!

pure-bliss-11-4-16Pure Bliss is YOUR TIME to unwind and remove stress.  Give yourself the love you are missing!  Five hours of private one on one Peaceful, Calming and Relaxing Therapeutic Treatments.  Choose three of five services offered: 1) Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing (includes complimentary Crystal Pyramid & Crystal Lyre Sound Therapy), 2) Bathe Away Energy Release in Rose Petals and Essential Oils and Epsom Salts, 3) Young Living Raindrop Essential Oil Treatment, 4) John of God Crystal Healing Bed, 5) Foot Bath with Cold or Hot neck wrap.  Includes Refreshing Home Made Organic Fruit Juices and a Fresh Home Made Organic Raw Vegan Lunch or Dinner.  Schedule a time that works for you.  Saturdays & Sundays are options.

Raindrop Technique Essential Oil Treatment

Young-Living-Raindrop-Kit--1024x799Essential oil treatments can help you calm, balance and  attain a state of peace that will help you navigate through the challenges we all face every day.  These will help you remain calm and allow you to better handle those demanding and difficult situations. Come for an aromatic experience that will mesmerize and relax you like no other.

Therapeutic Energy Healing Services

Therapeutic energy healing is the act of restoring balance and harmony to the body, mind and spirit in connecting with the Creator of All That Is.  It is a therapeutic approach which is natural, non-invasive and holistic.  The intention is to promote self-healing and bring about a sense of well-being and peace to you.  Therapeutic energy healing has no boundaries and services can be provided for you in person or at ANY distance. Contact me for further details.


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Linda Christina Beauregard, UBM

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