Phoenix Rising Live In Detoxification Services

“My Phoenix Rising week with Linda was amazing!  It was informative, enlightening, fun – and, most of all, a truly profound and healing time for me.  For the first time since being diagnosed with DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) in December 2014, I feel that I have a healthy path to follow and I have peace of mind!  I am so very grateful to Linda for sharing her bountiful knowledge, healing powers, and generous spirit with me.  Thank you, Linda!  You will be forever in my heart.”


“I have been eating a high raw fruit diet for a couple of weeks now.  I am doing the best ever and I love the way I am feeling emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.  I don’t ever remember feeling like this at all.  I actually am falling in love with myself.  Thank you Linda!”
Kathleen Foley

“I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer in October 2014.  After my diagnosis I was scared and  confused about the disease.  I turned to the medical Doctors for guidance, but I was not sure if Poisoning my body back to health is what I wanted to do.  I then started to search for other alternatives. That was when I came across Linda Beauregard.  I started reading her book “I Gave Myself Cancer, I Can Take It Away”.  I enjoyed her story and felt a real connection to this book.  I was still needing more guidance and that was when my husband was able to connect with Linda and asked that she call me.  When Linda and I connected I immediately felt a sense of peace.  It was only 2 months since my diagnosis and I was still scared of the journey I was about to endure.  In speaking with Linda she brought understanding and positive energy.  It was the first time I didn’t feel alone.  She gave me positive reassurance and taught me about loving myself and alternative methods.  Throughout this journey, she checked in on me to see how I was doing, which made me feel confident in my decisions.  Linda introduced me to Dr. Robert Morse who simplified the body and how it works.   I am still following Linda’s advice and direction and my cancer (tumor) is almost gone.  I want to Thank Linda for all her love and guidance.  I will forever be grateful for all her support.”
Regina Contreras

“What a blessing it was to have been led to Linda! Without her beautiful strength, unconditional love and wisdom our journey to true healing would have been delayed, if not ever found!

What an honor to know her. She is truly a beautiful soul and we will forever be in her debt for helping us get our health and lives back!

I absolutely love you Linda!  I thank you every day.”

Tom Contreras

Raindrop Essential Oil Treatment

“I was expecting to enjoy the essential oil aromas along with light hands on work.   The session far exceeded my expectations.  What a wonderful surprise when Linda placed warm, moist towels over key areas of my body to enhance the effects of the treatment.  I experienced waves of relaxation and sensory immersion that transported me into peaceful relaxation and sleep. The energy work for the heart chakra, the occipital and cranial areas were wonderful. Upon driving home, I noticed that my sore neck was more relaxed and had better range of motion and same for my low back.  My feet felt revived, and all I wanted to do was to continue to enjoy the relaxed feeling and go to bed early! Linda has a wonderful connection for healing and uses her knowledge and skills to accommodate the needs of the individual.
I would give this treatment a 5 out of 5!”
G. M. Cape Coral, FL

“Wow, what a fantastic treatment I received from you earlier today.  I just had to write you now and tell you what fantastic results I am already having.  My entire body is tingling with delight.  It is difficult to put into words the feeling I have, but I am going to describe it as balance.  My entire being: body, mind and spirit seems so balanced.  I was very relaxed when I left the treatment and thought I would have to go home and take a nap.  Actually, the reverse has happened for me.  I feel totally energized, invigorated and so alive. Yea!  I also feel so connected to everything.  I was looking at the trees and sky while driving home feeling so fortunate to be alive and able to experience this wonderful joy of connection.
The tingling in my body continues, and I have this knowing that the energy I received today continues to do its work.  Actually I continue to feel even more energized as I write this to you.
You can be sure that I will be telling all my friends about this wonderful work you are doing.  I am confident that anyone having the treatment you gave me today will have extraordinary results.  As you know, I do healing work myself having experienced many different modalities.  This therapy ranks right at the top.
Thank you for reaching out and allowing me to experience this.  I look forward to another treatment in the future.”

“I would like to share my Raindrop experience with you. I had no expectations as this was my first time with essential oils.
I found out about Linda Beauregard from a friend who knew Linda’s raw food group called RawLuck.  As I listened to her presentations about how raw food can heal the body I started to look at how I was eating.
Each time I talked to Linda I got a feeling this lady knew what she was talking about. Then one day Linda asked me if I would like to experience a Raindrop essential oil treatment. I put my trust in her, her healing ability and I accepted.
When Linda started the essential oil treatment it felt like rain drops falling on my back. It was simulating, relaxing and comforting. I began to feel the energy centers of my body realign and balance.
The aromatherapy technique involved putting pure essential oils and blends on my shoulders, feet, head and back. This felt great as all of the senses were involved.
This rain drop experience lasted for the next three days and it encourages detoxification. Drink plenty of water before and after a session.
Call Linda for a Raindrop experience and I hope you enjoy it like I did.”

“Linda’s Raindrop Essential Oil treatment was incredible!  The scent of the lavender and frankincense on the shoulders took me into a deep relaxation as she began to use pure grade essential oils on my feet and back.  The raindrop effect of the oils going up and down my spine completely relaxed my muscles. And if that wasn’t enough she uses hot towels to allow the oils to absorb deeper into your feet, muscles and lymphatic system. This so detoxifying!  I had one of the best nights sleep that evening.  A definite health regimen to add to your wellness program.  Thank you Linda.  I can’t wait for the next service.”

“Linda’s essential oil foot and back treatment is so relaxing, and the aromas are amazing.  Her tender touch, and caring ways make you feel so special. Be sure to ask for the energy healing therapy along with the essential oil treatment!  You will feel like you have touched Heaven!  I can’t wait to have this treatment again!  What a great idea for gifting friends and family!
Thank you so very much Linda…everything was just perfect…”

RawLuck Dinner Events

“I am grateful that you came into my life and in my Naples relocation some special things were in store for me and one of those was meeting you.
What you share at our RawLuck Dinner Events really has a lasting effect on me and I want you to know I am on my 3rd day of raw fruit, melons only, and I feel GREAT!
I worked all day yesterday and was very busy. I took two quarts of watermelon juice, some cantaloupe some organic coconut water along with some regular purified water to work and I did great!
Even my mother, who was with me at your RawLuck Dinner Event, has really taken to heart some of the things you shared about raw fruit and food combining.
I just wanted you to know that you do make a difference, you are loved and lifted up in the light!”
Allen Biles

“Your program was wonderful.  I am amazed at your delivery and knowledge that you share.  I feel so lucky to have met you.  Thank you for including me in your RawLuck Dinner Events”.
Nancy R.

Pure Bliss

“Pure Bliss is a wonderful experience for men also. I left feeling refreshed and soothed in mind and body. Experience innovative, peaceful and relaxing treatments, and delicious fresh food, in an environment that feels caring, safe and energizing from the moment you arrive. What a gift!”.