The Phoenix is a mythical bird symbolizing immortality and rebirth.

In the earliest Greek and Egyptian mythology, the Phoenix is linked with the sun god. Greek history describes the Phoenix as three different birds, a partridge, a peacock and a pigeon.


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I am bold, brave and daring. I did the unthinkable. I went against traditional medical wisdom and came out a huge winner. I went against the grain of conventional surgery, radiation, chemo and other drug therapy, to embark upon a journey that transformed my life. This story is sometimes humorously conversational and details a journey that everyone who wants health without pills, potions, or sickening side effects needs to hear. The cures are here for cancer and every other type…..


You Can Defeat Cancer & Other Diseases Without Compromising Side Effects!

It’s easy to regain your health without compromising consequences. The real question is, are you ready for it? Are you ready to take back responsibility for your own health and put it where it belongs, in your hands?

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Some sources say the Phoenix could live for over 1,400 years before dying in a show of flames and combustion and is reborn again from its own ashes.  


Phoenix Rising is a multi-faceted service that revitalizes the participant at the four core levels, or bodies, that make up who we truly are. These bodies are the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and all work synergistically together to create or destroy our health.  


The participant who takes advantage of any Phoenix Rising services will have an understanding of how all these bodies work together in a cooperative manner to restore the health of the whole person. The participant is essentially re-born and regenerated from the ashes of despair and misery from so-called illness and dis-ease to a state of total health and wellness they may have never known or before experienced.  


Take a short journey through my website and see if together we can regenerate, renew and re-create the Phoenix in you!  


I wish you an abundance of all heavenly blessed and wonder-filled things!


Linda Christina Beauregard